Thursday, September 25, 2008



I have been trying to look up the old serial Trishna from Doordarshan which used to be aired in the 80s/90s (Cant remember). 
It was a good adaptation of Pride and prejudice.
Does anyone remember that one? 



Sarah said...

Is it possible if we can find the serial dvd now...any possibilities of findina TRISHNA??

supriya said...

Hi, I would also love to buy a copy of the Trishna serial. It was one of my all time favourites. Please do let me know if it is available

Marie said...

Yeah Same here..I have not come across its retelecast.. It hasn't been released on dvd either..

roseenella said...

I also used to enjoy it even if I was only 12 then.

roseenella said...

It was telecasted in 1985 and re telecasted on week days in 1989. If Doordarshan sells old DVDs I will buy it.